NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I LOVE this foundation. I have been using this foundation as my ‘go to’ for about three months and so far, its been the best foundation i have encountered. The foundation leaves you with a glowing, natural finish, (I sometimes find that I have oily skin and was at first worried that this foundation would amplify that, however so far I have not found this to be the case at all.

From the picture to the right you will see that my skin can flare up with a little bit of redness and a few spots (particularly when i’m stressed). The buildable coverage that this fAPYN4226[1]oundation provides does so well to hide this while still looking natural (something I struggle to find when using every day high street foundations).

This foundation contains NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, it leaves skin hydrated, more luminous,and also makes my skin feel softer and smoother which is a nice bonus. I recently found out that this foundation also contains anti-oxidants to protect against damaging free radicals, which also greatly impressed me.

IMG_8737[1]I picked this foundation up from John Lewis and I believe it was around £3o in the shade ‘Mont Blanc’. I love trying new foundations and will continue to do so, but this is one of my favourites that I have come across so far 🙂


IMG_8741[1]I have quite a light skin tone, so I picked up the primer in ‘radiant pink’. The primer (which is applied before foundation), is a silky gel, that has no scent. A primer is used to hydrate the skin and  improve the application of foundation or powder  and I feel that this primer does this job extremely  well! The primer also helps to control oil- which is perfect for people with naturally oily skin. It leaves my skin glowing- without looking shiny/greasy and leaves the skin feeling fresh. I suffer from break outs, which some products can make worse- however I haven’t had that problem with this product and I personally love it!


I also love the packaging! The bottle as you can see is tall and black, coated in little sparkles that are just adorable! The pump also makes the product extremely accessible, with the option to turn the pump 90 degrees clockwise in order to lock the pump and stop any primer from spilling out- perfect if you are taking this product anywhere.


I picked up a 50ML bottle from a MAC counter, for the price of £29.50. This may seem expensive for just a base before your foundation, however you use so little of it at a time (one small pump), that it manages to last you a very long time.


I’ve never had much contact with Laura Mercier cosmetics before, but I must say I was not disappointed. I love make up and wanted to invest in a contouring kit that was of a good standard but was also affordable. I loved trying new products and different brands so after a little bit of research I picked up this ‘Flawless Contouring Palette’ from John Lewis for £35.00.


The palette contains 3 cream contours along with 2 cream highlights. The cream contour kit makes it easier to sculpt the face, defining and highlighting features. The shades are delicate meaning that they are easy to blend, making the look natural. The creams are also buildable so that you can control just how harsh you want the contour to appear. The highlights provide a beautiful shimmer with a lighter and warmer shade to suit any occasion. Below are images of me just using CONTOUR #1 and HIGHLIGHTER #1 (the most natural of all the looks you can create).


I love this product. The look appears natural and gives you control in order to achieve the look you desire. The kit also comes with a step by step guide teaching you how to fully contour, hide double chins and change the shape of your nose! This is a great kit for someone that doesn’t know too much about contouring and would feel more comfortable with a little bit of guidance.

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